Another week of Eugene?


How can anyone at this company think this decision is acceptable on any level? It’s bad enough the prizes repeat for a week, now we get two weeks in a row? @JB.Scopely you guys need to do better. This is simply put, unacceptable.


Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago everybody was complaining about not getting characters as prizes? Some people are never happy I guess.


Why would anyone be happy with the same character (sub par character at that) as the same prize for 4+ events? Just shows their lack of care for the playerbase along with the rate of speed of releasing OG ascendables. All they care about is churning out new OP premier after new OP premier. No coincidence Magna is up at the same time as Lydia.


Eugene two weeks running is trash tbh. Another week of saving…


Having Eugene since they gave his 5* in a LVL UP for #3 spot I won’t be putting in the effort so this is just another week saving resources (annoying cuz if you don’t need/like the toon you’re stuck with it as a prize for 3 tourneys at least).


Guys let’s be honest Eugene has been the prize for one tournament. Scopely usually runs at least two tourneys with the same toon as a prize so that’s nothing new.


They went with another for a Monday level up like that. Probably Next level upmit will swap


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