Another unfinished toon released

Theres a roadmap for him remember he was leaked also as a s class I’m not forgetting about my Chihuahuas still


Remember us


I thought Frost was going out before him, save our Chihuahuas plushies :sob:

Another map we dint ask for we asked for one map and one map only

Updated toon:

That’s it I’m calling the cops

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Lol, pair him with cristha and u decapitate almost every toon

I see S class melee atk lead in my radar

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Lets check vk

Vk aint do no leaks for him not that I know up

He is pretty terrible but s class he will probably hit 5 people with his ar

Attack stat is less than (in)famous Leon… ok the rush is different, but still not really sure about this toon.
ok, the S-Class will have stats doubled and maybe he will be able to kill some Priya around, but it doesn’t look that good. Do we want to talk about the ridiculous weapon (30crit…) too?

He’s all about Headhunter. He exists only to turn every other toon in your attack into a decap. It doesn’t really matter what his attack is like - until there’s another Headhunter with better stats.

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I love how they put roadmap to test him…on walkers . Dumb af

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He doesn’t fit into many attack teams right now. Certainly not worth a spot. The players who will pull for him are using priya or Raulito lead.

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