Another Topic for PC/GR/Scopely to tackle

Everyone for the most part has roster space/training ground/trainers/extra fodder issues.

When I was on PC (before I left) there was conversations of letting people know if there would be anymore legacy toons (and if not just announce it) and to start having a target for what 6s would become S class (we had clearly figured out that not all 6s would become S class but some would unlike the lie told all 5* would become ascendable)

Lets learn from the past with this one…plus this question isn’t hard to answer but I’m kinda wondering why it has not even been mentioned once.

If no more legacys (then people can clean roster of certain 5*s)

If a few 6*s are picked that will eventually become S class people can start focusing towards those if they have 2 instead of wasting resources, since gear is locked up tighter then Fort Knox.

Thanks for your time look forward to your response.

Or whoever wants to reply.


Personally I would rather not have any S-Class legacies for the reasons that they get leaked and a released about 8 months later and it is just disappointing to see it.

Personally I would rather not have any s classes for a full reset again. But here we are lol


I’d rather not have s-class legacies, imagine s class doc, amber, raven, etc


Legacy ascendables turned out to be a terrible idea. It’s just a free toon with extra downsides for pretty much everyone. I hope they won’t repeat that mistake.

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Which is where they need to just let it be known.

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That’s odd they said that, JB stayed in his leader chat that there were no plans to make five stars or six stars into S class.


“F2p” toons will always be of lesser quality than p2p toons (kapoor). Doesn’t mean they should release them. You wanna play with the same 5 toons for 6-12 months?

So far they have given no indication at all that they are planning on having legacy Sclass toons.

Announcing the plan for legacy ascendables would definitely be a good thing, just so we know.

@Rickygrimes No doubt about that (well, except for a breif period at the beginning of the year, and we all know how that ended up). I’d also agree that they need to have free toons (ina ddition to all Sclass being free…). The question is, how do they distribute these free tonns? And the legacy model is simply worse than Event toons, or even the free handout model like with Christa/James.

[ETA] and I did play the same team for about 8 months or so straight, from Leagues season 2 to the release of Kapoor, who finally killed that team. Loved that team, but now that I have had the expereince, stagnation for this long is not good even if you’re having fun.

Christa and James are both good toons. Not as good as the p2p toons but still useful. Then came Kapoor só it’s scary haha.

If they want to bring the game to S Class which they have, then they need to update the game around it. Five star tokens prizes are not okay. I would rather receive 100 s class items. Events need an S class toon, not Mr Jones (or at the very least the five star version of an S class toon).


I don’t really think there “team” has a real idea of where the game is going, seems like all of them work on things individually and when its their turn to hit the Live button they just go ahead rather the crappy event or game feature works properly or not. I think they spend about 5% of their actual time on old things that need fixed or rejuvenated.

How is Kapoor p2p exactly?

We were never told all 5* would become ascendable. The actual quote was this:

Eventually we want to add ascendance to all the existing 5-stars, but that’s going to seriously take a long time.

That’s not a promise. There’s a lot of stuff that I’d like to do that I’ll never get around to doing, as well.

I also don’t recall anyone from Scopely saying any 6*s would ever get an S class version. There was player discussion about it, but that means nothing. I’ll scroll back when I have some time and confirm.


The comment was the idea of it.

Long story short.
Yes or no pretty much takes care of the issue thank you so kindly for replying.

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I’d definitely like to know this. I hate hoarding 5*s that are more than likely completely useless just on the off chance they might become slightly less useless.

On the other hand I’m also not sure I would trust anything Scopely say at this point anyway.

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I didn’t say he was. I said he’s weaker than the p2p toons.

These are the types of posts that encourage Scopely to keep on screwing the player base.

Scoeply came up with ascendance in order to not piss off the community when there was a total reset. This time around, they don’t even care about the angering with the newest reset. They just went ahead and did it.

Meanwhile, the whole game economy is still in the five star/ascendance area. Why are we fighting for five star tokens when you come in fourth place? Why are event toons currently a six star ascendable?

Perhaps instead of defending them, how about encouraging them to keep up with the changes the game is bringing. Whales have proven they will whale no matter what. If your going to reset the game, then reset the game for all. Not just the top 5 percent.


Right on the money with that post @Rickygrimes.

Getting 5-star tokens now as a reward would be like getting 4-star tokens 6 months into the 6-star reset and as bad as rewards have always been I don’t think they even stooped that low back then.

There is no way for anyone who is f2p or a tiny spender to have any kind of growth now. It would take years to earn one of the s-class toons for free at 10,000 collectibles a pop. We know how quickly they love to change the meta so even by the time the f2p can earn one it’s going to be useless as I’m sure there will be gen2 s-class toons in play, i.e. the SS class. :wink:

This game is all but over except for the 1% who are willing to continue to open up their wallets, bend over, and take it with a smile. BTW that 40 pull does not include the lube but for another $9.99 they are happy to provide… :laughing:


You can try and defend them all you like but they still clearly implied that was the intention and it doesn’t seem like they really put much effort into making it a reality.

There’s been no official statement regarding legacies or even an apology for not following through with what they said was intended. Just yet another thing they’ve ignored.


Not directly.

However the miss leading information that comes from you guys is convoluted enough that people are led to believe that they are going to be having a chance to at least play the game on a free to play basis not you have to pay to do anything anymore.