Another toon to add to the meta

s class Liam
" road to survival 2 "
trait= red
role= tank
3129 atk
6135 def
5832 hp
specialist skill
human shield
adernaline rush=
averting barrage
all teamates get focus 200% defence defence down block and 50% bonus hp
active skill =
heal over time and ap up
all teamates regain 30% hp for 3 turns
up to three teamates gain 50% AP
leader skill=
all teamates get 40% def a hug bonus to AP
at the beginning of each wave all teammates get focus for 5 turns
weapon= Liam’s defensive smg
30% def
a medium bonus to AP when taking damage
when being attacked 50% to gain 50% bonus hp

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Another Red Sclass?

Human shield s class are you on crack


Didn’t even get to that bit

Quite possibly the best AS in the game alongside Guos.

AR makes Jessie’s rush look medicore which says a lot

This weapon on a shield?!?

This toon would literally stop anyone attacking atm.

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well there is a tough guy named frost who is gonna have human shield

Is this a suggestion or are you getting this info from somewhere?

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I’m just making this

Make something authentic. You’re just copying what scopely already released

look at my other rooms than

Got it, should probably be in suggestion



Nanin another S

Lol I have enough with the toons that exist and I don’t get so you go around coming up w more?

I think a S-class shield will break us

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Needs nuking before it’s released.

This is absurdly overpowered even in the current meta. And that’s saying something because the current meta is full of ridiculous characters.

That guy seems like he don’t play the game


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