Another thread, another scipely screw up. In the players favor tho?

Scipopoly release some new stuff in the league shop for free depending on your position. They put camilas knife up with its mediocre slots. Now they’ve changed it to an impair knife, don’t know why they didn’t just give out the impair knife from the getgo

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Uhh so what happens for those that collected before the change?

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Don’t know, never got it cause to low position. I’ll ask some fac mates

That’s some bullshit lol… random heal is garbage… impair on attack on a fast wep is highly useful and unique. Not sure where they are going with this. Guess we’ll see

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scopely are trolling us…the game is broken

Which should cost you 50k League Tokens

Drop the prices, items such as GPS & Canteen are far too expensive. By time you purchase one item you won’t have enough for the other gear.

Bah-Hum-Bug! Season Greetings!


This is BS. I claimed the knife beforehand which has random heal. Now it is an impair on attack knife that I’d actually use.
Nevermind. I see that they are going to send the correct version via inbox.

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where is that from?

In game help

Why the Platinum II users get no love?


Reward for Diamond players. They did say at the start that there’d be big rewards at the end of the season.

Looks like they changed their mind: The notice has now changed!

Seems they forgot to update the stats when updating the name tho :frowning:

So which knife will Diamond players end up with after 48 hours?

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What are you talking about? Platinums got trainers

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i have the wrong knife in armory… what will happen? lol!

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Wait so were supposed to have the crappy healing one?

No, We were supposed to have the impair on attack knife. Those who took it from the store early, got the HP knife instead

I’m crafting mine too. When it fails I’m going to reset it and hope that it turns into the impair one

I’m confused. It says we’re supposed to receive sturdy diamond weapon. I did and it has healing on it :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2: Does it have the incorrect name on it?