Another Survey 🙄

Well we got another survey. Here’s the link if you didn’t get the prompt in-game.

Normally I’d say be constructive, but do whatever, who cares. It’s not like they actually listen to us anyway :man_shrugging: I bet you they probably don’t even bother reading them

So have at it, if you want.


A questionnaire about region transfers… So that’s the next thing to be utterly broken in about 3 weeks time when the doors are supposed to reopen


Did the survey. I don’t know why they ask as they don’t listen.


Probably trying to pretend they care about feedback. Give us a false sense of hope.


Just like they did with their promise list? :laughing:


They probably took it and used it as toilet paper lol :joy:




From the one I did it asked about other games as well as your playing habits. Then asked if you were interested in joining their focus group (as well as if you were able to go to their game testing facility) it’s not just a twdrts survey company it’s a broader survey company

Probably bc they’re 232nd and falling in the top grossing games on google play :joy:
And I’m sure it doesn’t help that ppl like to go through and up vote all the 1* & 2* reviews and mark them as helpful :rofl::rofl:

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Yikes. That’s pretty pathetic.

Does som1 jack to these or something?
They ask us all the questions that bothered us in the first place then don’t fix it lol.

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Because paying India and Chinese bot rating farms is getting expensive. I read a recent sorry about it, that it can be $45k plus a month per game\app they boost up in ranking.
With stores getting better at weeding them out, the farms have to buy new accounts more often.