Another Surprise Level Up

We just had a solo level up. Now we have a faction level up that wasn’t scheduled. And right after that we have another solo level up. Why??? I mean it’s kind of a bit much isn’t it. How are we suppose to compete in all these level ups?

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Just buy all the trainer offers :stuck_out_tongue:


@kalishane You have to give us rewards faster to get faction mates back in that were on break and such or please give a region list that is being bled dry of resources

Sounds like your region got one of the test level ups.

Test level up. Test raids. We have people we need to move around but can’t do it with these back to back faction events. If they want to use us as test subjects. Then maybe they should give us 1 million trainers and 30 billion food. Oh and a bunch of free gear. But not sure how they’re gonna get accurate results when we don’t get a break and don’t have supplies.

Good luck with the tantrum. :slight_smile:

Free 5* tokens ^^

My region only got the surprise faction event once, but I wish we had all of them.

We have received them all.

Did yall also have a surprise Fac raid with your solo as well? With all these unscheduled events it makes any mobility between events near fucking impossible.

Quickest way to kill a plauer base is restrict their options to movement.

Lol yeah not really a tantrum. I’m not on the floor screaming. Yet.

Hmu on line rack

Yeah we did. We’ve had all the surprise events the last two weeks I think it’s been.

Sounds like your in Miller…

So you guys get a faction level up paired with an event? I love that. With the new system its so much easier to hit milestones too. I understand the frustration with not being able to move people around though…

Yeah when I complained about the first one and imbalance was told ohhh it is a one off

Oh a one off that’s happened 5 times in a row

For shame scopley.

Yeah. I dunno why they decided to make certain regions their test dummies :laughing: but how about they change it up with different regions. Cuz like I said the results aren’t going to be accurate when we don’t have the resources when we are all tapped out. I mean it’s hard to even farm for gear and citizens when we have these other roadmaps to do as well. I’m thinking I need to quit my job and lock myself in my house so I can focus on this game 24/7.

In barrow too, I like getting the free gear. You don’t have to participate.

Umm hello didn’t you get the memo?

The best part of this game is hoarding supplies and then leveling up at just the right time! What could be more exciting that leveling up a toon!

I’m on the edge of my seat wondering who will get that Briefcase first!

Our 4th surprise tourny in miller region. Its actually kinda frustrating to have a calendar we are basing activity on then suddenly its all thrown to the wind lol

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We are more dedicated.