Another SR another callout

I post this every SR event. Make the cans more available. How about a set of 5 in the supply depot can rotation? Maybe as a reward for completing a stage? Maybe as a random drop for stages?


Yea they deff need a spot in the supply depot since all the others are in there except sr and tt refills

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They were in login and some stashes at a rather low quantity… assuming I need 2-3 as a minimum to complete the Legendary (SR is too time consuming, especially if running over a workday), the amount available is waaaaay too low…

Only because I made the smart choice to buy the energy choiceboxes (one of the black market events with varying daily pricing - bought out the energy boxes both days), I still have a steel reserve of 7 to fall back on.

Why can’t we have the energy choicebox in supply depot and league stote???

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