Another Solo Level UP?


This is seriously Scopely? Another solo level up? We want faction level up, faction… 1 Month without the Fac level up, yesterday we make a petion, we complain and yet you continued to frustrate us. If came a another solo level up, i will quit the game.






@kalishane not gonna start another thread so will add this here. Solo event plus terrible rewards and awful milestones equals unhappy campers. I thought you guys were punking us when the VK leaks came out. This isn’t good, it’s not useful, and it’s not an incentive to play. Have a think on yeah. I’m not angry I’m just disappointed.


Bravo Scopely! Well done for giving us a chance for another few days off. So generous of you guys! :crazy_face:


Same from me.

I feel Scopely are letting me down, like a cheap pair of tights.


Nice Scopely, dont changed the event, 3 days to i quit


Lol you’ll probably quit then feel like an asshole, and come back after Negan in a Tank event drop. :joy:


Im wait for the event, if cames SOLO LU good bye, im tired