Another region unbalancing tourney


So it Mitchel region there is a survival road tourney on with some very good rewards, why is this not in all regions?



Orevthe chance of 10 benedicts I feels lost at


Wow, those prizes are pretty nice. Glad we all get a shot at them…oh, wait. We don’t.


@Bakir :smiley:


Thats not fair :frowning:
Would much rather be doing a SR than this boring ass levelup


Richtig geil…


die ham den schuss einfach nicht gehört


and scope complains about a “toxic” community here, its all so pathetic!

but hey, i guess this feedback will been taken to the team?


its been a few events we see double events for select regions with these prizes formatted, trainer crates and shit.

Must be related to sexual favors nothing else makes sense.


Best rewards for solo event I’ve seen in a while, but we haven’t had any of these extra events in our region. :-1:


Of course. Here is a Picture, how they are doing it.



And in the meantime those are the *** rewards for tomorrow’s 24hr solo raid


Ok a couple extra events in select regions was bad enough, but this is becoming more and more bs. Feels like scopely live ops is lining up the regions who aren’t getting them and kicking us in the sack one by one


Worst bit is, it can’t be balancing used as the excuse as Mitchel is one of my many “second regions” and my main region lost to them twice in CRW So if was about balancing really my main region should have got the event?!



Old news. Posted this yesterday. Those medals were nice!


I’m lucky that I can do just one level of SR and I’m guaranteed top 100 hahaha. So a chance of 8 bennies hahaha


Sweet, can’t wait to match them in CRW, I’ll throw my 625 nuggets at them


wow thats shitty