Another reason not to PULL


So most people already blew medals to keep up with the current meta just to stay relevant. I personally wouldn’t pull if I know I cant upgrade a promo to a 6*. If $copely wants people to pull… either make it 6* ONLY or give us more wants to farm medals. I know you guys don’t plan ahead and use all servers as alpha testers but seriously… think about it. WHY WOULD WE PULL IF WE CANT UPGRADE THEM!



Hey kid, go back to class. Let the adults talk.


Here’s one more reason not to pull: pixels aren’t worth anything, especially if you’re not enjoying the time you spend around them.


Personally I’m doing fine so I’ll pull if I want to


You are the exception, not the rule. I have 12 6* and am out of medals. I would have pulled last 2 premiers but whats the point? Them as 5* wont do any good.


If they give us a map they will give us only ascendance medals. They will sell us legendary medals. Bastards.


I was slow to ascend partly due to not being initially impressed with ascended characters, and partly due to my inherent lazy resistance to change.

It helped as I was able to avoid the less useful toons. So far I only have 6 ascended, they’ve all been useful, and only guardian Zeke has a neglected rush and active. The rest are all level 5 active, maxed rush.

I’m not in a top faction, though I Merc with higher factions sometimes. I’m pretty active and hit most milestones, placing top 100 most of the time. Cleared all the SRs that offered Ulysses for completion. I feel like I’ve been offered enough to stay competitive for free with just activity. More than enough, even. I haven’t opened all my war chests, and I have a White, Green, and Yellow active trainer left (I want to make a rainbow active trainer team!)

I dunno, just don’t feel like I’m strapped for Ascendance resources. Maybe because I don’t have anyone I feel I need or want to ascend.


I have 9 atm


Depending what rank faction you are in you may have more or less, but I would say I know more who need medals then don’t. Also anyone who started after the anniversary event has been at a big disadvantage when it comes to being able to ascend.


Yes this. We have a player who took a break not knowing ascendance was about to start and came back after they were done making medals rain and now they having a hard time playing catch up