Another pointless lvl up - can we have confirmation if more leather vests are coming?


@kalishane So… didn’t waste resources on last lvl up and same for the current one, rewards are terrible and milestones a joke. I worked out if i complete SR which i expect to do, ill still need 105 vests. I dont want to burn my resources to hit 500k in lvl up as its not worth it. Please please can we have confirmation if more will be avail soon?

Also what happened to red plastic pieces? Not even got 1 pull yet and seems like i wont get one unless they drastically increase the drop rate.


deep breath in, deep breath out, and say fuck it. You might feel a little more calm and relaxed after that. I am right there with you though, I want more information myself!


if you dont got 1k worth by now something is wrong with ya


Me too the info is just not working out. It’s like trying to complete a term paper 40 mins before the class begins. I’m Cooking up some characters in the ygl scav it won’t get me 500k tho… should I hold the mission till we hear wtf is coming up or collect… If I get survival road done and the 250 I’ve already mangaed from this via depleting most resources I’ll literallay be 45 short :sweat_smile::sob::joy::man_facepalming:


quit trying to rub it in peoples faces. i am at 730, maybe something is wrong with you or how you are playing the game. you also made how many red plastic piece pulls? mr mobbie, not everyone spends money on this game, maybe something is wrong with you.


dint do box pull and got dwight from beating SR… all spent on was cans…
let me guess they forgetting roadmaps?


well good job, but why you gotta say there is something wrong with people that dont have 1000 leather vests by now? that is sort of rubbing it in their face and then kicking them while they are down.


kids blame the system then them selfs.

6 6 stars gets you needed vests… in pts. its not hard


wack them on a 100k bam theres your vests in 12hs.


Well, i’ve maxed all my 6*s, and no new ones have been released for me to work on.


we’ll wait and see if anyone replies to that and what they have to say about it not being hard. I understand you was able to do it, good for you. I am glad you completed it, but try not to rub it in peoples face and say there is something wrong with them.


I have a feel that this will be the last time we will see the leather vests, may be good to go for then.
For me it looks like that at first they didnot wanted to provide the extras, just the ones from the milestones in the first lvl up and the ones from this faction SR milestones. But after the forum complaints, they were like “ok, run the last lvl up again as a last chance for those milestone pieces”.


put it in balance …
6* Dwight vs crap reward
I would say go for it if you have enough resourse to get 500k
better than be regreting when you don´t have any more chance or need to pay for it


The majority of players don’t have six 6*.

The majority of players don’t have YGL popping up.

Thx for the nice troll post.


most have free TY abe carl boobs more then one cat… list goes on


Yea but most people don’t have enough Ascendance Medals to ascend them, because they have disappeared after they have been handed out in the very beginning. And guess what… most players also didn’t get enough Ascendance medals in the beginning to be able to ascend six 6*.

Plus you also completely turn a blind eye on those players who are newer into the game and cannot sustain ascending so many chars, or even the amount of gear, food, survivors and trainers to get even close to such high milestones.

I wish some people would really start seeing beyond their own noses. Maybe they’d realise that they are posting nonsense all the time.


Why are you crying? The reward is Dwight not milestone. Don’t like it sorry not sorry.


Wait a second …

Are we doing three separate solo lvl up events each lasting one day?


Yes. Expect more single day lvl-ups. Next one will be turkey only…


Obviously someone at Scopely messed up. This level up is an error.