Another PC Topic!

I know people can’t get enough discussions about the PC, so here’s 1 more. From what I’ve seen so far, scopely did a pretty decent job in selecting its members, but I believe we need 1 more… we need the people’s choice and voted by the forum members.

I nominate @Parker. I can’t say I’ve ever played with him, but have been in the same region. He’s incredibly loyal and active in a faction he could have easily left behind for greener pastures. I honestly agree with almost everything he posts and has great insight in what it is to be a true f2p grinder in this game.

So here is a vote for @Parker, the people’s choice!

Get him on scopely! You don’t even have to listen to him since he doesn’t talk with his wallet (cheapo). Just give him a seat at the table


Here here :clinking_glasses:

All for it im going to mention it now. Maybe it’ll pipe down some of the whinging from the player base.

@Parker deserves the distinction for sure. #parkerforPC

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You are American! Stop talking Australian! (Or maybe UK)

Parker is a great choice

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Parker Parker Parker.

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