Another P2W cake collection

The pete anderson as a non s class.

Scopely would it ■■■■■■■ drag your nuts to just do one ■■■■■■■ f2p collection
Maybe some toons from 5 star recruits, prestige recruits, and elite char. Like just one collection.


Weird choice. I can’t see why someone would pull for 6* Pete.


Exactly this. Not even like the 6 star helps you towards the S-Class version.


Actually VK are showing two collections. One for S-Class (500 cakes) and one for 6 star (250 cakes)


Isn’t it normally the other way round? Less cakes for the S class version.


Any leaks on the other collection toon yet?

Scopely would it ■■■■■■■ drag your nuts to just do one ■■■■■■■ f2p collection

dude they have done several f2p collections such as mercer Bruce Allen cooper priya and I think they did a laopo collection

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Could be. Not possible to tel from VK which is which. Just that there is clearly two indicating definitely S-Class and six star

Does it matter if the S class is maxed with rings?

I think looking at prior collections the s class just needed to be at lvl 90 t4, if you’re beyond that shouldnt be any issues considering people who have zachs etc all have rings on them.

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Mercer, (didnt have him) BAC (My dumbass didn’t level him in time.) Priya and laopo (Im gonna for raulito non s class but Im getting s class pete first I already got a non s raulito Im gonna ascend him incase scopely do a collection)

Raulito would be expected to be next. I’m going to try and get 6 star versions of him and Hengyen just in case


Thinking the same lol

I just ascended him Im trying my fastest to get him T4 OR T3

Neither will be this week, so no rush

Im still gonna so I have him ready.

Well that doesn’t change that he is f2p aswell as mercer or Any of the others that I listed

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Real talk they doing a slater collection or not @GR.Scopely

You should get more collectibles for a S-class red velvet cake than a 6* one. It took forever to get enough key to get Pete & lvling him up was very resource draining.


Look at that ultimate suppression that they have.