Another one bites the dust

Just in the middle of uproar you come up with that:

It used to be a fair deal when you offered 300 shirts & gloves for 70 coins and needed in current constant level up reality but no, let’s make it 130 coins for it. nobody in this game, even a lvl 20 player strives for the other items in this deal, it’s not an improvement because these are not needed for training grounds. I’ll show you.


Yet, as usual, you analysed people’s inventories and worked out shirts & gloves were sold too cheap then cynically tweaked the offer to make it look good. for whom? someone who just downloaded? not for everyone else.

My faction knows what to do:



smfh, really?

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I was in need of ascendance medals and they knew it and refused to put them up. They also knew I needed 130 of them and chose to put up 7.99 offer with 50 each instead of the normal 8.99 250 ascendance medal offer

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