Another old toon in the premiers

Looking like it could be the new normal. Takes real money for a chance at new toons. This won’t be good

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We got Waylon in the premier toons instead of a new toon

“Walker Head Tokens” is the new premiere recruit wheel.

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I doubt it’ll become the new norm. They’ll experiment with walker tokens, withhold new premiers to try and boost the token system, see it’s not netting as much cash (Survivor’s Club is linked with premiers too) and they’ll revert back before too long. Calling it now

Wayland is still a premier toon. Alice was just in there and she was recycled. The only problem I see with no new recruits are the SC players not being able to pull on the walker wheel. That’s a big joke.

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Yes Wayland is still good. Alice is obviously great. But everyone wants to see new toons in there. Just sucks they’re trying to make u pay for them

Without a coin option that is

Makes me a little worried for the next new OP toon they release…
Something defensive is my guess

We just gotta wait for the Douglas and Rick, it will be fun I’m sure.

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Feels like it’s the way to fight vk gold

I do not have waylon…hopefully i can survivor pull him but doubtful.

WalkerHEAD Tokens. Walker Token were the good ones with Rare 4*, a higher chance at 5* and Ascendable

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I think this is getting to be ridiculous.

It was one thing to have walker tokens with old premieres but having a new wheel with new “promo” toons is honeslty a good way to lose some of your paying members. Like did scopley not think people would know why they put those premiers on a separate wheel. Its insanely ridiculous to charge more than a premier wheel for less than stellar promos and not at least walk away with a gauranteed 5* after 40 pulls. So essentially they are sayin pull away but you will likely get all 40 4* :wink:

Only people that want new toons in there are the whales who already own the toons that are being recycled…

I’d love to see the premiere reward be “fixed Territories”… who wouldn’t pull for that? :wink:

No, not me. Give the current meta some time before they go throwing out more OP premiers. If anything, give defensive premiers to counter Alice/Diego teams.

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Thats actually makes sense. However Vk will eventually sell the walker tokens lol

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