Another new premier 6* and still no legacy in sight


Enough said



its Clem, so enough said


Rumour has it 2 legacies are coming this month, no word on who though


another one? ahahahahah
I think the new staff aren’t fans of legacy toons. They want everyone to only remember the shitty new 6* when half of them are boring as fuck.
No imagination, no creativity and no respect for players wishes and needs.
This company has no shame and they keep getting worse&worse.


Based on?

Certain legacy ascendable’s character cards were published months ago, so unless JB has been dropping hints, I suspect it’s just hearsay and speculation


It’s not the old 5* Clem we’ve had for years that could’ve easily been made into this 6* which would’ve made sense, enough said :wink:


Its premier so…Its sucks but its clem so…


Saw this this morning in a line chat:

I agree though, until they’re live i went believe it


Nice. I think @Ladygeek is a pretty reliable source, unless she’s been fed duff info by Scopley…


Liveops be like
Ah ah aaaaaaaah!


Do u think scopely give a f**** about what we think .
We asked for toons to be rewards again ,guess what ?
Scopely come with this brilliant idea (give them boxes with 0.00001 % chance to get the toon )
So scopely doesn’t see more posts about rewards , …


… Etc


It almost seems like they are doing it on purpose. The more we complain about it, the more new premiers they pump out. And yea, the fact that we already have a worthless five star alert Clem is infuriating.


Red clem when we already have a red clem. You can’t tell me it’s less work than adding a 6* o a legacy.

Done running telltale toon a couple of months after the telltale event where we got done running violet/marlon/Javier/louis. Like she was intended to be released earlier (with Carley maybe) but they couldn’t be bothered.

Just so half a55ed


Faster than designing a new one I guess. Seems like they have one mission lately more than ever. Not a good sign.


Oh great so it might be next March till we get Andrea :confused:


you must have had a brain fart about how Telltale characters work in this game, enough said


no brain farts going on here, I think we all know how telltale characters work and the motives Scopely are showing us, enough said :star_struck:


if its enough said, enough said


Likely Daune, and Rose i’m guessing.

which leaves
Blue Maggie.