Another month of daily prizes

@kalishane I as well as others loved the daily prizes and was wondering if this is goi g to become a regular thing I think this should have bin going on for a very long time almost every other game gives there players something free daily and I would really like it that this would continue


Yea but make every day 1000 5* tokens :grin:


I’m ok with the weapon tokens but forget the 4 star tokens. At the very least trade them for prestige so there’s a small chance at a 5 star lol


I want 4* character tokens until I ascend one and get Gator. After that, get rid of them! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well if they traded it to prestige u would still most likely get 4 stars 99.99999% of the time :wink:

I agree I would much rather instead of the 4* tokens see that silver metals and or gold metals be a substitute

Ur going to run out of silver metals doing that garrentted


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Pffft… noob.

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Yeah but 50 more 4* ascensions…

4* can be ascended to 5* … and if youre lucky you could get Glenn, Siddiq or/and Gator to which all 3 can be ascended again to 6* so the 4* tokens are welcome as they are harder to get now the 6* meta took over

Ok yes and u still get mostly 4 star from prestige so what’s your point?

you could get Glenn, Siddiq or/and Gator to which all 3 can be ascended again to 6*

The Point is there

The Tokens we’re a good Thing, but it would be great to maybe get a character, who’s unaviable at the moment. My Idea would be 4* character at the half of the month and a 5* character as last days Price. It don’t must be a good one. Just one of requiered Museum 5* who are unaviable at the moment. Here are some examples:

Sigh and again u get 99.9999% 4 star from the prestige tokens so u can use them to ascend for the same exact characters but u get the added 0.0001% chance of getting a 5 star

2mil really isn’t that many metals if u think about it especially when it takes a quArter mill to ascend 1 5* to a 6* and it takes 50k to ascend one 4* to a 5 trust me it goes a lot faster than u think

That goes a lot faster than u think when it takes 250k to ascend one 5 to a 6*

There we have our Answer. I always wanted that Maggie, because of the Awesome 6* Version.

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So you get one per day, then you can use that one to pull for either the stash or more token thingamajigs in the wheel

But Why would pull for more Token? Just to get the Maggie faster?