Another month goes by without a monthly login reward structure

How come SW: GoH, MSF and almost every other game can manage to have monthly login but RtS doesn’t?

Is it really so difficult to code these things?


Has nothing to do with difficulty but it has everything to do with stinginess.


Zombie Strike gives a free character each month :slight_smile:

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Itsnt hard, but $copely dont get money with that events


Actually why it hasn’t come back since May and the forums have been rather quiet on it since after the 30th day problem lol.

But yes, it should come back

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Yep been sayin it for 3 years, should bevdaily log in rewards year round…but people just keep on spending and defending smh

And it been bought up again due players feeling entitled to free stuff. Im sure if this current movement was not highlighting other issues this wouldnt have been. A lot of old stuff gonna be repeated in next few weeks so they can see.

Free stuff equating to a piece of gear, of 1/30th of a 6*. It’s not groundbreaking. Also it’s silly to try and paint this as a ‘lazy-player handout’ type deal. Every player wanting log in rewards is still going to break their back warring, raiding, level upping, etc etc.

Log in rewards are common in other games. It’s additional yes, but it’s a nice complimentary touch to make a game look polished. Like jam jars as the breakfast table


lol…im not argueing. Just i see some are jumping on this new development to bring old issues up.Hey im all for free stuff…who isnt? Anything for logging in is a bonus and it hurts them so little.

Something we had but now we don’t. It’s not bad to want progress, it’s certainly not bad to not want regression.

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