Another misleading "free" pop up offer

Please stop showing us this pop up

I thought it was really for free but it leads to SC subscription page

At least you can put a full statement there “free for SC member only” so we non SC will not bother to click it
Kinda give us a false hope


These were supposed to have been stopped. I’ll inquire again and ask them to check again.

For future reference, if the Survivor’s club logo appears on the offer at the top, it’s going to be for SC members only.


They did stop for a while but started again yesterday, for me anyway.


Ive been getting this every time open the game for week or more now. I agree it’s a dick move to have that show up on non SC members. It’s obviously not Free if I have to waste money on a garbage SC membership in order to claim it.

Just more of the same old BS with them.

Still going on @LadyGeek, had two of them just a minute ago

Tries to stay quiet and then fails miserably… like dont buy sc then? How hard is that? The things people complain about, i swear.

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I hate this one it’s not fking free Scopley :flushed:

ps today

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