Another lvl up lol

I’m getting sick of this really, why not walker hordes or even blitz war?

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Level ups are fine. Just not alone

We NEED level ups!

Supposed to be faction but hey can’t do anything right.

Was down as a faction Lev up… But nah they messed up and give us a solo one :confused:

I thought we were going to have a faction lvl up not a solo.

I know I like lvl ups too but not like that lol

Oh well weekend off yay!!

Hordes are still broken.

They thought it was Monday so everyone gets another solo lvl up.

Why do we need level ups alone so often?

They want us to burn all our trainers from July, it’s not gonna happen, especially with dull rewards

lol at these 5star tokens amount, seems really weird! :laughing:

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booo hooo i get rewards for getting my toon better.
i want the old times when you had to wait for upgrading my toons

That would be true if you have any toons that will help me. For me it is a waste of resources and stop when I hit the milestone that gives cans. But some like to score 10mil each level up :man_shrugging:

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Give me the toon I want then I might consider leveling HIM.

But leveling in the void is plain stupid, except they give GPS+Canteen for once

Stop complaining about level ups. If u dont have toons your need to priority save your resources for fac event . You wont miss out on anything. Your gonna complain if too many level ups or if too few. This is better, lots need the league tokens to buy gear so is nice to always have level up running. Grow upp

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