Another lost in 1 month

Again I come here for causes of serious problems, so many that I do not know how to report.
My game daily shows me that my account was unlinked, by logging with my facebook account the game recharges 0.7mb and again another account appears and I have to rewind watts and several times.
when it stabilizes all this mess always comes a surprise, previously it was normal to be out of my faction and with some buildings destroyed, now in the last 2 times I lost all my junk stuff and more than 70 characters and weapons.
and appeared within a faction created with my name and still alone.
after leaving this faction and trying to get back to mine the game reloaded, asked for my facebook again and when I returned I appeared inside another faction.
end of the story, I’ll have to wait for the event to end and try to play again.
and another thing … now I suspect why many well-ranked players give up the game


It sounds like somebody has gotten into your Facebook and is playing on your account

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The game wouldn’t just do that by itself

I changed the password 2 times only this month,

I agree, but I do not know what to do.

Contact Facebook

I’ll try this because it’s my last hope. Thks champ.

Good luck bro hope it works out for ya

Well there is the old issues that account being screwed up. My buddy logged on and he was on some russians account had no idea what happened…

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