Another hordes bug

100% heal reduction not preventing revives.

Last minor bug made you cancel the next hordes, so I feel I need to state that you don’t have to cancel the whole pathways event or shut the game down because of this.

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Imfao, this whole horde shit is a fiasco

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Hordes cancelled Monday, normally this would make me happy but so many people will miss out on Piper or and Supreme Crates after all that hard work grinding just shocking

Hmmmm were they already dead? Suppressing fire only affects toons that are alive. So if you killed a toon turn three and turn four you use supprresing fire, the toon will be revived if there’s a revive action.

Confused and taunted toons are still rushing. Grr

Is that focus thingy on the field? There’s lots of times I miss that one :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Nope. Happened a bunch, not every time, but pretty often. No focus thing and no resist mods. Toons aren’t rushing or active Skilling focus either.

Jeez. No wonder why they are taking it down. Disaster.

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