Another hard to finish event

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First the necklaces, now keys+batteries and lug nuts? You must know that f2p players hate those events. Are you trying to make us hate this game? If so, tell us right now and we’ll quit by ourselves. No need to make us quit by giving us events that we cant complete… or do you like seeing our misery, if thats the case then scopely is doing just fine :+1:


Hitting 8-10 mil to get podium and EVERY event is impossible for f2p. You can horde some toons n stuff but back to back that scoring smh.

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Because you’re not supposed to go for 8-10Mil every event? How many times do you need to get first or top 3?

he means every event, not every lvl up. f2p cant keep up with people who have hoarded trainers and used glitches to get hundreds of them… they paid so its cool they got them. but f2p cant compete with that. the f2p-p2w gap is getting bigger so they should get an event where they can get a reward just for grinding… and not competing with top players.


I know f2p players who spend their resources wisely, it’s not hard to prep for first in a level up. Save your trainers in your inbox and only use them when necessary.


They just gotta conserve and use their resources wisely. A lot of the LU rewards are appealing, but they have to make a decision on whether or not it’s worth the resources.

I got Yvette last LU event, and while I like Marlon, I don’t see him adding much to my current team nor is he a possible solution to the current tank meta. I could get him but I won’t. I’ll just save my resources for a Harper or something.

If those players don’t have the resources, they just gotta save it up. Paid players have that advantage of coining YGL and buying characters/trainers, but other F2P players like myself have also learned how to prepare for such events.

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It’s a 3 week event with presumably 8 LUps, so 8 x top 50 finishes will get you the lowest prize.

I would guess that maybe 50 will get enough tokens for a prize so the remaing 90 - 95% are playing for a discount voucher towards buying your own prize. Actually we get some batteries towards another event aswell, though probably not enough for that event either, so we will actually get 2 x vouchers towards buying our own prize.

Is that the reward structure we want or deserve ?

I don’t pay for energy refills, not for trainers, not for you got lucky refreshes. I saved my 2* for a long time, spend my tournaments getting 5* characters to tier 4 level 1 and leave em there. I started the necklace event with 34 of those 5* and some 6* I wanted to level. I got Eric and Yvette from the necklace event and had 7k spare. You just grind your ass off and wait it out.

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yeah trash event with one decent toon. You are doing well $copely. Start a new year with shitty events and op premier toons then dont fix crashes and other bugs becouse money.

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This. The game would be pretty boring if it were possible for everyone to easily reach every milestone for each event otherwise why bother?

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Spenders are just going to buy the toon from offers and show it off f2p can forget about em unless your one of those top 3 guys that always get 8 mil a lvl up tourny.

I don’t think people are saying everybody should be getting every reward, rather everybody should be getting some reward.

In the old world first got a decent toon ( sometimes ), then an average toon, then a mediocre toon then lots of 5* tokens right to the end where a few tokens were rewarded. The casual players could collect their tokens and eventually get there prize, even if it took 10 level ups.

In the new world the top 10% or so get a reward, the rest get insufficient tokens to use which are taken back from them for next to nothing. The whole prize structure seems to have changed to pay out partial rewards to the masses that you can put cash towards if you actually want to “win” something.

The game world needs casual players to make up the numbers. Question is does this encourage them to spend as they intend or just drive a few more away.

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I think I mentioned in a different post that if you regularly go for an ascendable via LU, this format is better IMO. If not, the old format is better. I just don’t like people saying that this event isn’t F2P when it is.

On a side note of 5* tokens that used to be given, no one seemed to mention that the number of 5* tokens has increased significantly in faction raid events. I can’t recall by how much it has increased for in the lower placements, but it has increased by about 5x in the higher placement brackets. So we may have lost 5* tokens as participation in LUs from the old format, we did get increased 5* tokens from a different source now.

No one said this was a F2P event. These events look to be the new norm, maybe save for the next one.

yeah i think im gonna do that, wait…

ok, im back in half a year…

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We get 1-2 6s a month for free and 1-5 5s every week. Shouldn’t be hard to prepare.

You must be playing a different game than I do.

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I haven’t gotten a 5 star since 2 weeks ago and a 6 star since the Maggie and John event.

True but they aren’t as valuable as they were, they are effectively 4* tokens of old. The only reason to pull with 5* tokens now is the very slight chance of a 6*

Why there can’t be 6* tokens I don’t know.

OMG… @JB.Scopely stop this level up format. What are you guys doing??? Sorry, you guys don’t have any idea what’s going on currently in the game. None. People are leveling for s month without even getting any character or five star tokens. This is just terrible. Just like the stash. Lower players now can’t even get five star pulls. I don’t get it.