Another guaranteed revive

You just need to spend a $100.00 to get her

Yup good offer scopley I’ll be purchasing later.


Now we need them to put up koa or ajax for a 100

Koa sucks let’s set the bar higher and ask for Jesus or magna


No let have them make Andrea require normal gear

That would be nice but that would also flood the market and then scopley would come out with a op green attack toon like Wayland to make her useless and then the f2p can’t get her so they’ll complain they can’t even beat f2p teams it would start a bad cycle and just go downhill from there

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Then have them give us Ajax he’s more useless than koa

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^^ what Kodak said.


Now this is fair. I refuse to spend $100 at once but this is much better than the rng chance for the toon or 8250 coins


Especially with the TRAIT wheels bullspit they have been giving us. Those odds are lower than low for premiers.

Could be worse u could spend the 100 for coins get nothing but 4*


She is a really nice toon. Great rush and active revive. Even still I just can’t see wasting $100 for pixels. Although this straight up beats dealing with that 2% wheel no question. I’m sure we will all be seeing quite a few more Macs this CRW.


See this…this is the reason being a FTP is hard. I bought the $7.99 offer for 1k RTS tokens and got white Shiva. Still think $100 is too high for any toon. Make it $50 and I’ll consider

How about $75 dollars

Still too high for pixels

Yep… keep it up. People don’t have enough revives.

I was right

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I can buy it when i die.

Consider it done

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