Another false pretense of “f2p...”

So is it just me, or am I accurate that even if you hit all milestones in events (which I have), you still do NOT get enough beads to do the map to get the Yin’s needed. This is a complete joke in every way. A month long p2p event.

So much for grindable maps, grindable gear, grindable anything…yet again, a slap in the face from scopely whole the tell us they’re listening!!! I feel many who were standing up to these bully’s have quite, others have gone back to spending, so scopely has began going straight back to their ways of treating the majority like we don’t matter if we aren’t willing to spend…

So another close one, but without spending coins for crates, or cash for beads, this is another event that caters to p2p, as f2p is not going to be able to get everything with what you can grind for.

NO, I’m not surprised…I know how this works. Just pointing out yet another example of how scopely gives the illusion of caring, but if you look at it closely, they simply care about p2p and that’s all.


Ps-yes, I’ve seen the new thing, and I’m sure this may get trolled for whatever reason, but I’m not concerned with that.


Since writing that, another event (Solo Level Up) has come out, offering 163 beads. Assumptions are holding up so far.


Yup…444 beads required to complete the map.

So at that rate, it takes just under 3 events to complete the map, but the roadmap resets quicker than events put out the beads…so spend, or don’t complete.

F****** joke…nice event scopely.


We all knew it was probably true, especially after the anniversary event not being completable ftp.

What happened to this company? We used to get good events with decent toons and prizes if you grinded hard enough. Now they don’t even make that possible.

Im constantly disappointed, and so glad I stopped spending with #playersunited . We’re worth more than this. Smh


Every single event in this game is like this its always been …ooh so close until the very end… So you spend to complete


No spending for me…I used too and stopped. Glad I did to be honest. It’s just no longer worth it, and hasn’t been for a while.

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Apparently, Spencer Bucket…err…Tucker happened.


Michelle was the last truly free event (excluding James/Christa). Who ever created that event truly understood the game. It’s obvious who ever created the events since do not understand the game at all. Ironically Michelle was the last event toon actually worth spending to get.

I remember offers for items - which there should always be. As a mostly free player, if I missed a roadmap or some milestones, I’d spend $5 - maybe $10 - to get missing items. Right now my offers have a $15 and a $30 both of which gives 300 beads. Sorry, I’m not shelling out $15 for an offer that doesn’t give enough beads to run a roadmap.

This event isn’t even remotely structured for casual spenders. Let’s say the stash was able to be completed, no one in my faction has Elena. It’s not worth my time to go faction hopping. So I’m gonna be a beacon of light short. Again I’d pay $5 - maybe $10 - for the last one. But Zhu simply isn’t worth it.


Exactly, and looking at that Venture Beat article and how they said they have to be careful with in game economy and pricing ppl out of spending, I literally don’t understand what they’re doing.


I was going to say something very similar

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There was Piper after Michelle. It was not clear, but with exchanging collectibles, Piper was f2p too.

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I know many players who could not get her

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If you don’t play, ofc you don’t get her. Or if one is greedy and takes bennies boxes instead of exchanging needed materials. (Yea, that wasn’t explained right, but it was more then achieavable for a f2p)
Instead of doing the roadmap to get boxes, there was a stage where you could exchange 25 lucilles and donno what else was there for 3 masks. Not doing last faction mission ended a f2p short on 10 masks. Exchanging 3 days would have been enough and still much left for benny boxes)

I’m back at I think they’re trying to close the game and are simply milking it as much as they can before they reach a target goal of reduced players.

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