Another faction level up?

wow another faction level up today?

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Yeah. It’s kinda annoying.
Wanted to leave my faction already

And another faction level up after this one too !


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It’s likely because the Commonwealth event is on. You couldn’t have left anyway so good time cram fac events in?


Not really a good excuse. I don’t care much for the event, so losing progress or w/e doesn’t bother me.

I think he meant that you are locked into your faction because of Commowealth event, not because there are back to back faction events.

Not my excuse, just saying you were locked in regardless. So it doesn’t matter whether it was solo or faction level up.

I think transfers start the normal day for a FLU so maybe that’s another reason.

No, didn’t mean it was an excuse you made.
An excuse on scopely’s part

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Ah. You can never be certain. Used to be someone who thought I was the evil mastermind behind things.

He was amusing. *strokes white cat*

Someone thought you were evil? Lol

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Yes. Funnily enough his prime example he used was the removal of red velvet cakes. Which I did support. That made the case for the defence very difficult :rofl:

Well if you really are an evil mastermind, I see you more of an Dr evil rather than a skeletor type evil dude.

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but it feels like scopely wants us to spend more money to get trainers

Mmm. Maybe. I assume because it’s faction you try harder? Ever since Level ups became daily I just level what I can when I can and tell my fac to do the same

yep, i try harder in faction level

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My guess is that they are running B2B FLUTs because:

  1. Faction lock for 7 days, might as well.
  2. With transfers coming run it now since there could be no FLUTs for 4 weeks

I think it was less of “well, we’re locking people in their factions because of Commonwealth, may as well give them faction levelups” and more of “We need to lock people in their factions because of Commonwealth. To do this, we will do back-to-back faction events”.

Eh… Chicken. Egg. Which first.
Don’t @ me with the actual technical answer

@Parker can I @ you with a picture of a Frenchie in a batman costume?