Another F2p leader skill?


Scopely plz plz no more f2p leader skill toon ,
The last f2p specialist was Lori and that was months ago (of course if we don’t count Aiko since she wasn’t a f2p when released)

It’s too hard to build a team with 5 leaders , that makes no sense ,
I know you want money , we all love money
But killing f2p community isn’t good for business ,
So more specialist f2p
One more thing , an update to the ascendable 5* that can be reachable from ascending 4* would be great .


Good luck with that. Most of the toons left on the list have leader skills. Hey don’t stray to far away from the original cards most of the times.


Let’s hope for Knox


Knox LOOKS like a human shield so he should be


Btw knox is on the list… he doesnt have a lead skill


Which is why I said most…


This why I said it. Human Shield? I would honestly like Hemorage more. It’s really underrated


No. We already have Koa.


He isnt ftp


We?? :rofl:

btw. to the topic. I tried to bring this on a few weeks ago:
where are the f2p specialists


You can get him for free from anniversary pulls, so technically he is F2P.


No he isn’t. That’s like saying on the Premier wheel if you get the coins without paying and pull him he’s f2p. That would mean all characters are f2p.


Koa has only been premier never been ftp like wyatt Vincent eugene Lucas…


Blue Barker… but yes. No specialist atm. :thinking:


Haha just kidding.


You’re kidding me, right? This “business” literally revolves around giving f2ps non-OP characters so that 1)p2ps can easily crush them and 2) they can get sick of it and either buy something or quit, usually the first one. Sucks, but that’s the way it’s been, that’s the way it’s gonna be. Best to save your breath.


That’s not politically correct… the term is “Speed-Bags”
HP+Def AR … 4 the L


Walter Driver - CEO of Scopely - Variety Article

  • "we think of ourselves as an experience company.”
  • “Our products are free to play. So we let people decide how much they want to spend on an experience,”
  • Driver argues, Hollywood by contrast doesn’t really have a broad range of retail pricing options for fans who want a super-premium, personalized experience with an entertainment franchise. “If you have, say, a Spider-Man movie, there’s no way to let a fan pay you $1,000 to have a really enhanced Spider-Man experience,” he said.


I’m fine with another F2P leader skill if it gives players more options into building their team.

Also, you kinda have to count Aiko because she is now available as a F2P character. If you don’t want to count Aiko, there’s Viktor, Rosita, etc from the new mission.


This update was released Sept. 17.