Another F2P event

Enjoy. Lol.

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Another resource drain while doing an event that needs 1.25 mil. These depending on your region can be p2w, marlon and rosie are great but i will pass on these 3 and get the 1.25 mil for batterys for bruce or sandy


I got all the toons long ago. I find these events amusing.

I dont have any of them but honestly not gonna try for any, last one i went for yvette and happy i finally got her, this one i get to relax

this alone aint enough to get one of them

Never said it was but nice try taking words out of context, seems to be a thing for rts players like everyone crying about a free 6* shield that JB never said we would get

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But you said we would get a free 6*. Why would you go on the internet to tell lies.


For $25 a month you can get and Ascend shield Andrea. Lmao.

I’m pleased they repeated it. I now know it’s a total turd of an event. 1.25m and done every time for me.

Scopley are lug nuts if they think this new structure is going to encourage people


I actually believe they’ve been sun setting the game for a while now.


Not a totally a ftp event. Lack of gear for us won’t allow us to level up properly to get him.

Umm op was clearly joking lol

Only one person can win a level up…so odds are just like the last event…95% of players won’t get enough for any collection toon. :grin:

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Idk why people are losing their marbles over these events. I mean, these toons, most likely, won’t even be relevant to the new meta anymore. Better ones are on the way.
So, in short, there’s going to be unhappy folks everywhere even if Scopely were to hand deliver a 6 star Disarm, Decap, Bleed Shiva, and Marlon to their inboxes.
I’ve seen plenty of people with those toons still fall short on beating the nightmare teams everyone so loves.

But, they are still nice to have.

Marlon works well on a yellow team, it’s fun to attack with different combos. Could also be used for a purely attacking defence team in a tower or something. Jesus is completely irrelevant, Anna has a nice active skill and nothing more really.

Could always go for these combos.

This new “events” that encourages the people to get competitive on LVl ups is bad, also the war stash is bad, I wont waste a dollar getting more items like the platinum medalls for jeremiah…

This is far to be a F2P event… The road warrior could be a F2P event but not sure, the tires and the raid makes hard and very bad event, but this could change (maybe)

Your promo toons won’t be relevant either so there’s that

Attack toons will always be relevant. Harper won’t become useless for a very long time.


Harper and Wayland are probably the only ones in the toons shown who will still be relevant.