Another day another scopely lie

This time it is the latest promo character. Stating that shiva is on 2x chances on the wheel in the in game announcements but you go to the actual wheel and see just increased chances. Clear case of misleading advertising once again and another time for massive refunds.Screenshot_20180125-110530


Stand your ground!

I would pull just to prove it, lets go!


well i guess those 10 medals and 300 5l tokens make it worth it

It should come as no surprise that vague-ass wordplay is their strongest asset.

They would argue that 2x chances technically also means increased chances.

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As you can see their world play worked for me because i did a 10 pull before noticing it but i made this thread for those who spend more and those who are considering pulling. :grimacing::persevere:

But you lied too lol. You said the wheel said increased chances, but it only says chances. Clear case of misleading readers with your thread!!!

Funny semantics aside, unfortunately, you have the burden of proof to show that the odds aren’t as advertised. Because you could be correct, but you also could be wrong because a wording error isn’t a clear indication of whether or not odds are a certain way or not. This is why transparency of odds is important for comparison(assuming the numbers shown are 100% correct everytime.)

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That’s not even vaguely lying unless as verdiswipe indicates you have proof of odds.
“2x” is definitely “increased”, and it’s definitely “chance of”.
There are real things to complain about but this dilutes the impact of those topics.

0.01% to 0.02% is 2x… shady as shit but there you go…

And scopely still hasnt posted odds like they are required too…

Those are very optimistic numbers.

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Because there’s likely a grace period between the introduction of the new policy and the actual enforcement of the new policy.

And a decent company would be giving us the odds in advance of the deadline as an offer if goodwill or at the minimum a timeline for odds to be released…

Nope, the Scopely way is to deflect, obfuscate and lie…

Prediction: Scopely will NEVER willingly post their odds… it will take legal action by Apple to force them… my proof is the number of times this has been asked and its never been addressed much less answered…


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@papacy I said this about alpha it was x2 chances but apparently only for the 5* version that’s why they don’t put it but I’m not convinced

We have twice the chances of getting hit by a bus then we do of pulling the 6 star from the wheel.

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If that is the case then it is clearly misleading if you don’t specify what the 2x chances affect

Yes i saw that after i made the thread :joy::joy:. Increased chances could have worked but chances with 2x chances nah that isn’t right at all :frowning: