Another CRW and the lower factions being feed to spenders

Top 6 in my group are all undefeated. We are 25 ish and keep getting the top 6. Keep feeding the spenders ego’s!

How the hell are they not facing each other.


:fish::fish::fish::fish: :whale:

Scipley feeds the whales because whales get pissy when they have to wait in the queue for long and let’s face it that’s where all the profit comes from.

2 CRWs ago my faction got the rank 1 faction 3 times in a row while we were in 11th place, tried getting to 10th but with all that bs we couldn’t.

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Whales/Hackers( Victoria in blue)
F2Pfactions(Ashley in skirt)

$copely (ref)

Same thing happening to our faction.
We are ranked 60 and face top 7 factions 9 times in a row
Filled with prestige 13 players with OP toons, mods, and weapons
Thanks alot slopley

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