Another Cross Region War

Can we please get something other then CRW? Can we maybe get an AoW for those that have bern waiting several weeks? Or maybe make sure the rewards are good this time?
Quick edit, i dont mind crw but when rewards are absolute shite I hate it. I dont like getting half a stash


I think you need to see this @GHOSTONMETOAST, deja vu?



JB sent a post about what he is pushing for and from the sounds of it no more AOW…& better reward structure for CRW.

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Aow is good but its played out and lame. CRW is way better and way more competitive, win or lose amazing learning experience all around. They should give lower factions a pull at the stash.

Coincidence?I think not


Learning Experience?Yeah I learned how to get my ass Kicked


For some regions, CRW is also played out. But yeah a pull for lower factions is definitely needed.

The last aow was so boring … at this point aow should be scrapped but crw rewards need to be increased so more then the top 3 get a pull


It would be awesome to see a new reward system whereby the top region rewards are removed, but in it’s place is an individual region reward leaderboard.

The current region rewards make no sense to me. No one competes to get them and the tokens are worthless to all but the newest players. Put the 5-star token rewards in another event and give a different reward structure for individual regions and you get the best of both AOW and CRW making everyone happy.

It would also be better to face off against factions in your own region every now and then, which would make sense to do, if you remove the region rewards.

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I do not believe JB is pushing for anything anymore… He has move on and we are left with the new cm so the cycle begins again… Nerf rewards… Release op premier… Rinse repeat


I cant tell what expression that is

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I wouldn’t mind it if we could get better rewards. We usually place 13th in crw but grt half a stash

This makes lots of sense, rewards for both placement within the region and placement overall.

I did say “win or lose” bro :joy:

Well they just took away the AOW in form of the blitz on Tuesday. Rather disappointing. Guess they needed players to use up their raid cans.

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You’re probably right, use em all in faction, then need them for an event during the week

CRW with better rewards is needed, AOW can burn in hell.

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What you said better be right because if I am going to get ten crappy tokens again for coming in 40-50 place then the rewards arn’t worth the work

Again, this came from JB as what he was pushing for. It was on one of the pinned threads about the 18.1 whatever update.

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