Another Cross Region War?


Found a conclusion.

Our region got 2nd place as region. This is from Winston and they got 3th place as region.


Good luck next crw


Good job turning your own thread into a dicksizing competition.

As for the actual topic, cross region war is fun and event chat is especially entertaining. However, being so ambitious to have an event like CRW is all well and good if it’s built from what is already a smoothly running event. The issue is that war within our single regions clearly isn’t there yet. Matchmaking is a huge issue but I’m surprised there hasn’t been more said about the major lag issues that have been present since the very beginning.

Adding the ability to see that your faction has won the tower at the start is great and it really did make a huge difference when it came to lag issues that were tower related. There is still the problem of trying to figure out if the opposing team is rebuilding, or if they coined and blah blah blah. The war log doesn’t even keep a proper pace. Those issues end up being a huge waste of funds and time and effort. Particularly when added onto the matchmaking problem.

There’s more to be said but the above are two major issues that you see coming from every separate region and it will only end up a bad business maneuver for scopely in the long term.


I believe my 1st rank faction won the region wars despite of our region was established in less than 1 year ago. I believe that our region’s strength is imbalanced with older faction’s strength. because of it, we tend to get lower rank faction from old region (easier), while top fac from older region had to spend longer time to find the opponent which matched their strength.


True weapons and mods swing a fight now adays


CRW is the better choice

Regional war Sux


Yep our region isn’t that busy now and don’t like fighting the same people over and over, so love crw


Maybe a good ol’ blitz war would be most welcome or even better mash it up with all out war. It surely is missed over in Jeff Davis.