Another Cross Region War?

Can we stop with this until war matchmaking is fixed. Last CRW a faction that cant touch us placed higher because they avoided the other region top 2 factions for majority of the tournament, while we kept getting them every battle.


So everyone is content with war matchmaking?

No, matching is a wip

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Everybody knows matchmaking sucks but good luck with that man


They should just give us enemies in our Timezone, with an Starttime of the Region, which is equal to ours.

Timezone is completly irrelevant. like in the last two crw, the most populated and active region will be punished because the wait hours for a fight.

We also need severe punishments against factions which stole first prize with matchmaking exploit and hack

I would rather have CRW with 5 other regions than have inter region war with a grand total of 3 factions. Matchmaking might suck but at least I’ll get to play. I’m not sure how active your region is but this is my view



They have no interest in fixing Crw… We gave them few weeks to fix it and we got instead 6*… Even the dumbest money understands that crw can never be 100% fair but they do still refuse to give us induvidual leaderboards…

Problems thet can’t completely solve:

  • diffrent timezones
  • how active each region is
  • how old / strong each region is
  • diffrence in prestige

My experience:
Second crw we fought against another, 8 month younger german region, their one had no chance against my fraction. We also fought against a 4 to 6 month older high payment region. In a fair crw we would have got rank 3 to 5 because they have really strong factions and we had problems with our shifts but we somehow managed to get rank 1. Why? They have more active faction than we and the younger region (together) have and also live in a diffrent timezone (japan). They had a hugh disadvantage and had no chance to get a decent rank (9). They got screwed the second time… how long will they continue to play?

They are so many things which killing the game but this is one of the biggest. Many ppl just play because of war and won’t forget (or pay) for such a unfair and frustrating game.


i am in the other german region :wink:
in the first crw our region was stronger but didnt get any fights because we were more active and more populated. in the one you mentioned against the japanese they had this problem. their top faction didnt lose a single fight but ended on rank 12 i think because they got no fights compared to us.

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Nope they got 9 :wink: But yes they are pretty strong an active and don’t deserve this rank. We both fighted like 90 to 95 % just against the japanese region :rofl: indeed a good matchmaking. :sweat_smile:

1 should be irrelevant to top factions, they should all have 24/7 coverage. If they don’t they’re messing up or the region isn’t populated enough to support it.

2 is the only real key one. They should be of similar activity to allow for steady matching

3 is why we fight wars, to see who is stronger. With the release of 6*, age of the region is much less important

4 same as 3, with the release of 6* prestige is much less important

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I do feel age of the region is significant. During the last CRW , we regularly matched up against teams with full trait weapons (stun, impair, etc). I can think of only three trait weapons in my entire region, and I am not the owner of one. Yet I only lost two battles during the entire CRW. And without the serious lopsidedness provided by weapons, I’m don’t think we would have done as poorly. (Managed to place 12th).

I agree with you totally. We got screwed on a couple wars recently including not winning twice in war (one of them in CRW) when we went undefeated. That being said…what would not having them do? Honestly I’d rather still have the war and play while they worked through it. It’s not like its a bug or something not allowing people to load the game or some such. It’s just giving you 2nd place instead of 1st.

Again I’m just as pissed as you but giving us a NOTHING weekend or another faction LEVEL UP event for an entire weekend is surely not the answer. They just need to fix the damn matchmaking lol, but I’d still rather play with that then not at all.


Posted complaint about this in my own thread. Wait til Monday, itll all get slammed together.

All I can ask for is a fair chance to win. It sucks to have a handicap because you’re in a top faction and in a more active region than who you’re up against. Somethings can’t be helped and I understand that, but the matchmaking system can. I love competition and should think the best should go against the best but something has to give when we wait for 30min to a hour for each que because they want us to match the best. Meanwhile the other region is less active and has only 2 or 3 main top factions that constantly wars and we have to wait for them to be finished with their second war while we only get one. I’m not a big fan of inconsistency.

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  1. Yeah but a time diffrence of +5 to 7 hours is still quite a thing. So most german factions went to bed while all japanese ones tried to find enemies. No chance to catch up this disadvantage. Not to forget all “normal” factions also were screwed.

  2. Jep but the concept just don’t work in reality (because it is impossible to make it 100% equal and fair). Now having more (war) toons (or dupes) don’t make the diffrence but they had more time to make great weapons. Weapons are the most important thing atm and a younger region just can’t compare to that power. This was also the reason why the one of the younger region had no chance against us. The same toons but less good weapons…

  3. Okay I can agree here. As long as they do not release more “old” 5*, prestige does not mean anything. (And not everyone just pay for toons).

Well, that’s what I mean about 24/7 activity. Our region is an EN region, we have a team searching no matter the time. If we matched a region based in France, we would still have a team to match them for the entire event.

The issue with weapons comes down to this, how much of an age gap is acceptable to you?

I don’t think the age is irrelevant. The older a region is, the more time it’s players had to get weapon crafting success.
And that is a crucial part in competing in wars,

Edit: I just read the other replies and this has been brought up already. ^^

I don’t think region timezones should be an issue. I am one of a handful of Australians in a predominantly Canadian and US server and we war 24/7

I do think the matching needs to be fixed though. Its not right that the too factions get 1 war to lower factions 3 wars. The best team came 3rd or 4th last CRW as they could only match with the other 4 top teams across all regions. It was very unfair.

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