Another Christmas Miracle Proof Scopely Cares!

Scopley you are the most giving company ever. Thank you for making it AOW this weekend with no where near the milestone rewards as crw. You gave my region a reason to wish everyone a great non competitive weekend and saving us money as we don’t need to open pocket books to coin in or buy war cans to hit the 200k milestone. Heck no one wants to even try for the 100k. You Scopley do care about us and spending holiday season with or families and using our money to take them out to dinner or a movie instead. My faction and our alliance faction all 60 of us wish you and your family a Merry and Happy Christmas this weekend as you made 60 of us reflect on what’s more important this holiday!


Is this sarcasm?

If so then we’ll said.

If not then wtf?

Maybe it shouldn’t be sarcasm and you should spend time with your family on the holiday :man_shrugging:t2:


You got that right Ricky. I just got done in line region talks top 6 factions we all agreed Scopley wants us to have a fun easy weekend. So, everyone is giving there faction mates a weekend off no war min no fear of boots for not participating just givin it onslaught status. So going to take my wife to a dinner movie. Probably visit my folks. Amazing. Thanks Scopley

The fact that 1 you have an “alliance” is just sad and any of the factions in all of the games regions that do this should get a life.

So hard up for winning and every other damn thing we need to have a couple factions worth of people to get it done. Pathetic.

If you cant do it with your one faction as clowns like to say ■■■■■■■ and if you are managing to do it cause of your 60 man depth again…Pathetic.

The mere fact that you are knowingly completely making it out to be that you otherwise wouldnt be doing shit or partake in anything family related cause you would otherwise be face in palm all weekend if it were crw is just laughable jokes at best.

Nm ■■■■■■■ get your priorities in order bruh lol…

My lord how sad has this forum gotten.

G.e.t g.o.o.d and the improper spelling of it for that matter is auto block out.

I mean really? Truthfully? Honestly?

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Merry Christmas :gift: and May peace be with you Brother!!!

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