Another character change spotted!


Apparently scopley opted to give Mirabelle breast reduction surgery.




She was complaining of back pain




I’d be interested to know the reason behind this one. Did that throw animations off too?



Awww, no more miraboobs. Now she’s just mira


Lolollolol funny chit


That’s why the designers have no time for legacy 5 star ascendables :stuck_out_tongue:


Try t4ing her




I don’t know whether this is a joke or real because either situation is an extremely likely possibility.

I can’t notice a change on t4 I can tell you that much.


This is actually hilarious :smiley:


I think it’s time to say that I trolled. But it was funny though.

Mira, where are your boobs

This is one of the few acceptable kinds of trolling. It was actually funny, it was actually believable, and you didn’t do it at the expense of someone else.



They should seriously consider a “helmet-reduction surgery” instead :grin:


Well helmet is what makes her “special”, probably all helmet toons have that hidden message…


Nah, thats still a nice rack. She will always be our Miraboobs. :heart_eyes:


You know I actually like your work better. They should use it.




She’s still rocking them as t4