Another bug with survivor’s club?

Simple question: how do I get the last extra comic missing? Second time it happens to me already…

Thanks 4 your help

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It’s by design. Could be worse (6 comics).

Do you mean that this is done on purpose and that there is no way to get the missing comic?

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Yep. That’s Scopely way to treat their paying customers.

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Hey at least you scored 8. I only have obtained 6.

Open only One bag per Werk. So next Week you will have a blast…

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save your museum collections

by design means

it rewards further those accounts that have better rng


U can get it once every 4 weeks with the 4 weekly figurines

Claim the museum collection after that resets so you can get the roadmap+ the museum comics to count for that

200 IQ right there

when you open a bag you can earn 2, 3 or 4 comics

Just one time I got 9 :rofl:

The main reward is the axe to get more comics. As someone said above, to guareentee you not missing every week… open one of three three bags in the first week to get the axe and then the next week you have five bags. This way you get them guareenteed every other week instead of potentially missing hem every week.

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