In the middle of doing map Michonne A that I used 10 balloons to open you guys proceed to pull down the map and put up Michonne B but keeping my 10 balloons which now I cannot open map B.

So far you havent given me 2 flag boxes that I got from the first run of map.
You owe me 10 balloons, I didn’t get to finish Michonne A so 1 more flag box missing.
I’ll now miss 2 crates from michonne B because I do not have 10 balloons to open map B.

Your game is so broken it is insane.

This game is UNREAL.


Thank you for reminding me of this scene. It hasn’t aged :laughing:

Well, their offers section works well at least. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Hedge help here ?

They should just give us enough balloons to complete the event at this ■■■■■■■ point.

Scopely has been so scared to do shit (Ever since venturebeat article. [Sorry for old news] We have yet to hear from them. Notice how almost every event is buggy as hell. No more announcements about events on the forums) Safe to say scopely is under the radar EATING PANCAKES. And their making events with their sticky ass fingers from syrup.

This will get taken down, but I’m just gonna leave it right here:

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I live to serve.

cant wait for dumbass sinned say its not

It’s not broken.

(Sorry - thought I’d stand in, as you couldn’t wait)

did you not get a message in your inbox apologising for the inconvenience with 10 balloons and 2 beanies ?

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