Another BIG Reason AD Is Busted /Build Yellow Teams


If you put a stun weapon on a 1* and attack it using a 6* you’ll take that 1* down in 1 hit most likely. But put an AD weapon on a 1* and there’s a 1/3 chance you’ll have to attack it again to take it down. Negligible advantage for AD in that scenario but you get my point.

AD is easily busted by this fact alone but Scopely only balances something once every year so whatever. This probably won’t ever get fixed so everyone should just craft AD weapons and build yellow teams.

Impair and AP Down Special Weapon Stats Will Get Weaker
Impair and AP Down Special Weapon Stats Will Get Weaker

Aye aye captain


When you shift words around while not looking at the big picture, you can make anything sound overpowered.

I can say since 6s can 1HKO themselves for a ~1/3 chance if they attack a 1 with a damage reflect weapon, damage reflect is easily busted by “this fact alone” so everyone should just craft damage reflect weapons and build Fast teams.

Note, I quoted “this fact alone” part from your last paragraph. You specifically chose 1 situation, that would sound the most outrageous, as if it was a justification of why AD requires balance, without actually comparing it with Stun/Impair/AP Down in different situations. Different situations is why there isn’t a 1 specific weapon trait that is above the others. In some battles, stun when attacking is more valuable than any other trait stat; in some battles, stun when defending is more useful than AD. With the new 6* meta, there is no denying that AD has become more useful than how it was in the pasts(especially if you’re still using 5s vs 6s), but in certain battles, stun/impair/AP down when defending or attacking can be more useful than AD.

Impair and AP Down Special Weapon Stats Will Get Weaker

Ummm no. I have a full team of abs 0 and top players beat me without problems.

I also wreck teams with AD. Its not overpowered at all.


You obviously didn’t comprehend what I was saying.


Don’t think you understood what I was saying either. Part of the thread title is “Another Reason”, so they’re other things that make AD dominate compared to other traits. Also, what makes your entire argument fall apart is that my scenario happens all the time on a bigger scale which is what I was trying to say. Magna is useless compared to Michonne because stun guns don’t make her last as long Michonne. Also, the number of situations in which AD is outclassed by other weapon specials is few and far between. There isn’t a single common scenario in which getting AP downed vs blocked would be worse and impair has been weakened after 6* so how could you say AD isn’t broken?


Excalty what makes AD out classed by other special stat weapons? The fact that you can’t gain AP when it reduce your damage to zero? That when it procs you feel like you are wasting your turns? That sinces it’s only a fast(yellow)trait weapon that yellow characters are already a pain of the ass because of how powerful their rushes can be and AD is just too op?


OP is correct in this manner but only slightly. Take Konrad for example. No one in their right mind would switch the AD for stun, it makes him much more useless. The issue with AD isn’t that it does no damage, it’s that you gain no AP from it. If you could at least charge AP it would not be stronger than the other types of weapons


Lol. I would have before the 6s Era.

When faced with a windowless red yellow team, who do you attack first. Absolute defense. Why because besides don’t gaining AP, it does not leave a lasting effect.

Priority order for attack

  • AP down
  • absolute defense
  • impair
    (swap with abs Def if u have impair remove active)
  • stun

Seriously. This thread is a joke.


Konrad with stun was more op than ad like what’s worse atking a shield getting abs defensed so your atks are realiivly useless having like 3 - 4 stunned for 2 cuz you had no choice cuz konrad shielded and now those 3"-4 are basically ded


AD is old, it’s easy to work around, especially with AS.

Put reflect damage on that 1* and you have a chance of killing the 6*. I mean a real chance, not a “Scopely chance” :wink:

Having said that, a whole team of AD would be super annoying to face.


I actually DID SEE a Stun Konrad in CRW

I was like… Why? XD


In the 5 star era it worked. In the 6 star era, konrad with AD is tougher than dealing with magna with stun. If AD procs 4 of 5 attacks, the shield still stands. I’ll gladly allow ty or abe to be stunned in order to one shot a stun shield


“No lasting effect” actually makes it worse? Also stun would be the better choice.


I’m going to decode this as I find it unclear…

No lasting effect - AD does not leave a multi turn effect on your toon, just lack of AP points from that single attack. Stun requires you to wait 2 turn or use a rush/Active to remove, assuming u have these in your team. In either case this makes you lose more actions.

For example, Would you attack a stun def or AD non-shield toon first (windowless team). AD because there is 0 chance of my toons being turned useless for the next 2 turns. Maybe if I’m running a active like remove stun I weight this a bit differently because I know I will kill a certain toon with my attacks but in general I would avoid the stun def toon. Even if I have stun swords, I have a chance at having multiple toons turned useless. If half my party gets stunned I’m sitting wide open to attack as well any special weapon ability I may have is turned off. Basically your losing part of your advantage.

Now would I invest in turning konrad into stun today, no. He would get downed by 2 hits from blue 6s. Wouldn’t much care if those 2 got stunned just to be done with the shield. In 5s days you would typically need to use an adrenaline rush to put a stun sheild down quickly.

Either way I wouldn’t use konrad unless you are sitting on Erika and hershel to keep him alive as long as possible.


Interesting. I guess this depends on your team. I attack stun before ad or impair because I run double mirabelle with 3 blues. The 3 blues kill most reds and then one of the Mira’s cures the stun.


I know a guy with two Konrad who changed one to Stun. He runs a full red team with five stun guns. Most people attack the Konrad, thinking he is safe because he has absdef.


Since you guys believe AD isn’t busted, why are there no Carl+Lee teams?


Just because most people prefer Absolute Defense over AP Down doesn’t mean that Abs. Defense is busted.

Also, because Lee is easily outclassed by Michonne. It’s about filing the void. SR Zeke gives a better buff than Lee, Michonne gives AoE debuff.


90 out of 100 people prefer AD over AP down. Also human shields are used for their tankiness not ARS. Come on, stop trying to defend a special stat that obviously overshadows every other one. Just answer this one question. Do you find range teams to be more difficult than melee teams? Yes or no.