I don’t want to even log in anymore


thats sad to hear. you will be missed


Gonna be fun when u are just measuring your Weiner against yourself


No one asked for this.

Meh… they’re just saturating it with the same specialist … I dont think another bide is gonna hurt … Doubt we’ll see more bide toons now … People that get this toon most likely have Ryan and Elle…

Raultio and roadie be like it’s free real estate

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Bide is kinda dead since S Class and bleed/burn meta. As long as it is not a S Class bide I’m good.


It’s a strong bide. And christa was a free red s class with massive single target damage. Hmmm

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bide also kills S class… in singe hit…

ewwww not another one of these BS toons smh

It’s a gen 2 it looks like. Can’t believe they are still trying to sell these.

All depends on the rush and active, I would be more worried about retribution #2 long term vs. Bide.


Agreed, need to see the rest of him before any true judgements can be made. Not a fan of bide tho if that’s the case.

Even worse when it releases and its a human shield.

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the problem is duplicate toons, if in the party limited just only 1 toon only, this game should be fun, but whales with no brains, they just put duplicate annoying toons in their defense team. double or triple or even quadruple bide in the same team are annoying tbh.

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Scopely missed a big opportunity. Making his 3rd slot. When being attacked, A better chance to reflect damage. Cause he has a riot shield.

Been saying this for a long time. The spenders complain it’s not fair. They don’t want skill, only $1000’s spent.


w8n on Gen 2 S-class lmfao

I wont probably get this toon anyways. I seem to be in the low end of the bucket. But i would l9ve to have him.

They should of gave him reflect if cause he has a riot shield.

But still. I hate bide.

Bide is easily done by impair,taunt, stun, decap, firestarter, and lace.

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