Another arena bug?

Idk if anyone has mentioned this one before. I’ve run into this several times, probably more than I’ve noticed. But there seems to be an issue with the best team grade that’s used to determine the points a team can give.

I’ll post a SS below, but there are many times I’ll look at what the best team grade is, and its actually lower than the current defense team set in arenas. So either the current defense team grade is wrong, or these teams should be worth more points than they are giving.

Ive seen it numerous times now. For example, it will say the players best team ever is S7, yet the team they have as their defense is rated S8+. I’ve seen the best ever rated at S10, while their current defense is S11++. So are the points given being based on the wrong grade? Seems to me they should be worth more.

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I swear I have seen something similar. Go after an enemy showing like 6k, get a perfect win and only receive 4 or 5k. I never screen grab, but have noticed it at least twice.

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