Another 6* for Sale!

So, Scopely keeps pushing the community to buy toons.

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Personally(to me that is), this Jesus is way better than the Fast Guardian Glenn they wanted to offer us last time that costed around 159,99$! It wasn’t even guaranteed to obtain him! It was either him or 8.250 coins! Which, in the store you can get 8.250 coins for 99,99$ on “Best value”.

This makes it 60$ for Glenn; IF you were able to get BOTH. But they make it so either you paid 159,99$ for Glenn or you paid 60$ more for the best value coins.

What is the point this post is trying to make? Well. Why the hell don’t they make twin offers already seen as they “copied” their ideas from other great Apps?

If Jesus technically you can obtain him by paying 49,99$… then why don’t make a twin offer that cost 4.000 coins? Sure, some may argue that to obtain a toon depends on luck if you use coins and some did 40 or 80 maybe 100 pulls and got nothing… but. Then make the coin cost double. Maybe not double but 50% or 70% more.

Sure, give some gear and some radios or trainers on the real money offer but give only Jesus on the other. Kinda like the offer you put in the store(see picture) That way if people who farmed coins and wanted him can get him easily(at the cost of their efforts)

But, thats just me. Never gonna give money to Scopely.

This isn’t a game anymore. But a big spending contest.

Seriously. This can’t be defined as a game anymore. The most fun stuff to do after you get a full 5* team is go out and try to make the most powerful 3* team and try to beat the world map final stages.

Now, on another note. Open Letter to Scopely

P.S. Just to make this clear. The game is FREE. We know that. It is one of the main reasons people are even playing this game. But the whole idea of making free games with microtransactions is that you give them Equal chances. Kinda like some great free to play games that have made millions just by actually making improvements and don’t throwing offers at your face every three seconds. Warframe, LoL, and Dota to name a few. Just make a fun game with shortcuts to those that have coins and bigger shortcuts to those that pay but not too big.

P.S.S. When will you add different town cosmetics? Pretty sure some people would buy those. Either that, or seasonal change to it. To make it less… dunno. Stagnant. Add Christmast ligh or some snow here and there. Small change for sure but holy jigglypuff it makes my heart some good.


Guardian Glenn > Red Jesus and it’s not even close.


Red Jesus is one of the crappiest red you can have

If you would have Tiers

Tier S : Glenn Guardian

Tier E (for depot): red Jesus

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It’s the S* word

Nah, Glenn is pretty bad. If you wanted a absolute defence guardian then look no more. We have Ezequiel.

the number of offers and new toons and premier offers at once are an obvious attempt to bring people back to getting coins

Holy rant Batman.

Zeke isn’t fit to tie Glenn’s shoelaces.

Night and Day between them, Glenn is by far superior to Zeke


No, he’s not. Zeke is fine, but Glenn is superior to Zeke.


Sawyer? If you say Sawyer, you get censored. Spread the word

At least this Jesus is guaranteed.

Learn to read. “Personally(to me that is)”.

Just pointing out that the value difference is way too big and depending on the toons and leaders some people have then it is better Jesus than Glenn and to some Glenn is worse than Ezequiel simply because his AR isn’t that good to keep the endless defence standing(extra hp + extra def combo)

Wasn’t $150 usd was 100 showed 150 to some people due to difference in currencys.

Not arguing that. Said that Glenn was not even guaranted for 159,99$ compare to guaranted 6* for 49,99$. Asking mostly to at least make it so there is a twin offer that cost coins so people can buy coins and use them then or just farm them and then use them.

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Wut? Glenn is better in a time-out team than zeke because of his healing ar. I run the type of defense you are talking about, even have Zeke in it, but that’s because I haven’t been lucky enough to pull Glenn.


150$ continue being a big difference between prices and even so you continue paying 50,01$ extra for nothing. Just asking for them to make twin offers.

They arent going to give a chance for a toon that defaults with ad and comes already 6* for 50

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I can read. You said personally to you the jesus offer is better than the glenn one.

Then you said the glenn is bad as is your opinion.

As me and others have pointed out, As a fast Guardian Zeke pales in comparison to Glenn :man_shrugging:

To come back on topic, I do agree that these offers should be offered for coins as well as hard cash, just another way i personally feel double dipped when I buy coins then have to spend even more for an offer that should be covered by the currency purchased

Guardian Zeke is fantastic. Bet scopes regret giving him away for free but having said that Glenn is still the better guardian. No contest.

Also, this red Jebs isn’t worth $5 let alone $50. He’s turrible. :wink:


Ummmm… true. My bad then.

P.S. Yeah, just point it out that it feels bad that you buy coins then they make offers that don’t even cost coins forcing you to use MORE money to get it which… isn’t really possitive to me.

P.S.S Keep in mind the adding seasonal details to the town.

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