Annyversary Tokens being transfered for a few



So, i transfered from Wayne (pt) to Limestone (pt) and a few days back people from my faction started complaining that they receiver annyversary tokens on their original region. So i went to wayne and realized that i received 60 tokens there (30 + 30) and went to suport to ask that these tokens were transfered. This was 4 days ago and i have no answer yet. The problem is that some people are receiving this tokens while others are being answered that its impossible to transfer because they already received on the new region. But the people that got transfered received too. So some got 75 + 75 while others 60 + 60… What is the problem with scopely? If some got these coins, that would mean that everyone has the right to get them. Everytime is this, we spend a lot and are Fu**** by this mistakes. The answer should be one, or they can transfer or not.


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