Annoying Popups/Messages


There are annoying popups / messages all over the game and we need to turn them off somehow. This is getting out of hand. The popups i can think of are like these:

  • Offers
  • Max Survivors
  • Max Wood
  • Max Food
  • Raid Results

They are all annoying as hell when they show up during war or in last seconds of a tournament while you are trying to get some score to get a place or even when just casually farming. They are annoying nonetheless the way they are now. Make it possible to turn them off for God’s sake.

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@kalishane can we get a response here please turning off all messages/popus will be a great user experience boost.


I’ve been telling Scopely support about these issues for awhile now and they still haven’t bothered to address the issue. The max wood thing for close to 2 years I’ve asked for a way to turn it off and I’ve spammed every offer pop up I got for like a week to in-game support trying to explain more pop ups make me want to spend less as they frustrate me and how often I get them sometimes is WAY too often.

The max survivors, wood, food should all have a option to turn them off. I’ve been requesting a wood to food trading post for awhile as I now have thousands of incense and grenades just to get rid of the too much wood pop up. Even at 20,000-50,000 food for 100,000 wood would make alot of users happy and would reduce the amount of data the game uses. We lost our unlimited weapons because of claims people had too many causing the game to slow down or crash, shouldn’t you implement a viable solution before you run into the same issue with crafted items? That or a bonfire to just get rid of wood, which if they wanted to do a fancy feature make every 100,000 wood thrown onto a bonfire warm your team up for 1 hour giving +5% Defense or Health for a hour or something.

Offer pop ups are BAD… 9 times out of 10 the offers are bad so I have no interest in them. I’ve gotten so use to ignoring the offers expecting overpriced “deals” I don’t even look at them. This is why Scopely should really learn what each item is actually worth and give better odds in bags for better items, ex raid refill bags usually give me the lowest number making it cheaper to just coin than buy a refill bag. Than you have the frequency of the offer pop ups, I’ve had 5 in under 30 minutes before. This is horrible in-game spamming that made me not want to spend any money because I was getting annoyed that I couldn’t play the game. Than there’s where the pop ups occur. Pop ups shouldn’t appear in time sensitive areas such as the War screen, roadmaps, or Survival Road. There’s times every second does count so having to wait for a pop up to close can affect the game greatly. Offer pop ups, and I’ve told this to support I wish you all would listen to me on this though, should only occur on the town screen and maybe the world stage screens. You’d make users happier for not spamming us or distracting us while we try to play the game. Not to mention there’s been a few times on SR I almost hit the buy button while trying to edit my team quickly so I could finish SR before time ran out. I smell the potential for a law suit if several people repeatedly do it by accident, I’m sure Apple and Google would stop refunding someone if it happened often.

I haven’t personally had much issue with the raid pop ups though. I usually try to give in-game support ideas on how to fix these annoying issues including everything I’ve mentioned here since I feel it would increase user enjoyment and happy users tend to spend more… But they still haven’t bothered :frowning:


@hopeishere we have stalker like players in our region and during war when our war defenses up they try countlessly to find a way to breach our defenses i had 20-30 defense streak from just 1 guy :rofl:


You want to take that tower in this war battle right now?

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during war these popups gets more annoying aswell :triumph:


There needs to be an option to force stop these messages while warring during the weekends. Even something optional as simple as a toggle switch would make life that much easier.


Once a day pop up is enough, expand the time for 24hrs each offer as the 2 hour offer just gets repeated a few hours later, and have them open when you load up. there you still get the people being ale too see and you dont get the continual interruptions


Yaaaaaaaaaas! I so effin agree on how annoying all these popups are! The “War Offer” spam I find particularly offensive. But the wood upgrade one makes me want to scratch my eyes out in horror…


That’s all I’m gone say cause if I continue it’ll get labeled ’ offensive ’


discussed here before but no reply still.


They have improved numbers of offers that jump out during raids, war, farming, really good job, great way to attract new players cause everyone likes screen spaming during search.

Ps: Anyone knows where I can get offer blocker app? Thanx in advance.


Idgaf if they respond or reply they just need to stop that shit it’s annoying af and reduces the quality of the game


I pretty much get a pop up almost everytime i switch screens.


Yes, yes and yes, and if they’re not sure if we agree, i’m gonna speak on some people’s behalf and say yes again. I’m saying yes to stop it with all the damn popup offers, not the offensive part.


The pop ups need to stop its one of the many things killing this game. In other games if you spent any sort of money the pop ups or ads stop. They can do this in this game as well if youve spent any sort of money you should be able to turn pop ups off where you can turn notifications and other things off.