Annoying new roadmap


This new nightmare roadmap is so annoying its not even worth the effort for such bad prizes.


It is annoying. It is much better than last week though. The rewards aren’t what I expected,but I figure I don’t have anything else to use the energy on so why not.


Rewards are trash in every aspect of this game it seems.
Give alot. Receive little in return. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The difficulty is perfect. It just needs the proper rewards to make each 40-min stage worth it lol. Maybe the name has double-meaning. nightmare in difficulty and nightmarish prizes haha


I like the difficulty of it, but the rewards need to match. By the end of the roadmap, either a new unique 4 star, great legendary gear, or a whole bunch of 5 star tokens is in order.


8 waves is totally unnecessary. 2-3 at most! Or 1 8 wave stage worth like 60 WE


Definitely think this roadmap is a huge fail!!


Only way i cleared it was with double shivas with double stun claws, rotating the 2 rounds of confuse between them, because if aris or any healer/rezzer went off it was game over… it was nuts


yawn This map was way too easy. Could I get a more difficult one please?


Yup, I found this to be a really good way too, I dont have dual stun but still ran a fancy f2p melee team. I actually did some further sandboxing with other teams but ended up in the conclusion that at least some two “disable x2” toons were needed to keep enemies from taking over or making it a 15 minute stage. I somtimes couldnt nuke that hp fast enough to kill quick so I had to control the enemy rushes completely. A nice challenge is more rewarding than trainers tho, but the roadmap was kind of fun before it (quickly) became a repetitive fkn chore. It felt like wasted time when collecting the rewards.


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