Annoying Game Glitches


I have had issues with the game freezing and restarting for a little while now but today it is running ridiculously slow. Anyone else?


Been happening to me the last few days. I force close it and it runs fine for an hour or so. Can’t be my phone cause it’s barely a month old.


With me, it either takes too much time to get back into the game, with the “Loading…” tag showing up there, despite my connection being the best I can get, or I recieve a lot of errors with different numbers, not a single one of the related to my connection.

It’s getting worse every single day…


Yes this happens


I have often similar problem, game restart just after login, raid, attack on territory,. I dont even write about what happen during wars expecial when I attack tower freeze screan, restart game. Hope some day this will be fixed


Restart every single time I go into territories.

Some days its after first attack, some days its after a few attacks…but I get a restart every single time I go into territories.

I have reinstalled, uninstalled, restarted phone…nothing changes.