Announcement governor shown is not the correct one


Just a heads up the governor listed in the announcement is not the same governor as the one you can pull

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Everyone knows this already



Unannounced characters are not included on the published list!



Ugh the posted character on the announcement page doesn’t match the current character available for sale.

it’s a flaw or in correct character



No you have the wrong governor not them, that one is yet to be released and is from the parting shot red governor,
The one described is the one in premier right now (a new threat)and does exactly what they say. Taunt 3 check, evasion check , ap active skill check



Lol go to ur announcement page the one with the megaphone. The governor listed is not the new threat governor . The incorrect governor is pictured don’t believe me pull it up and look the screenshot is from in game .

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You guys are idiots x)

In game, in the announcement sheet, they have a page describing the new Governer that is in premier recruits. Talking about his taunt ability, they have a video of Kirkman talking about him, they have all this stuff describing him…

Except Scopely fucked up and put the picture of the 6* Governer ascendable from 5* Parting Shot Governer instead of the Governer they’re peddling.

Pretty blurry picture too, looks as if they got it off the VK website :joy:



Thank you the governor shown is " road to survival governor" not a new threat smh:thinking:. I get it two alert governors can be confusing.

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I understood what you meant in your original post😂