Annnnd let’s get this mod removal started scopes, been waiting a hot minute for this

Cmon $copely fire up that mod removal and let’s get started

Free mod removal is not going to happen again

Happening today 4 pm pt I heard.

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So, about them mod removals. When was it gonna start?

Supposed to be 10 minutes ago

Yeah, that’s what I thought

Says ends tomorrow but nothing

Splash screen shows it should be active but when I try to remove still try s to charge almost 30 min in…???

Mine is up.

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Is it free??

Restarted multiple times. @JB.Scopely ??

Screen pops up, still have to give up my scrap to remove shit.
Another round of applause for the flawless execution of an event from Scopely.

Mine still tryin to charge too

it is now working. better late than never i suppose.

Works now

Still trying to charge me

Just tried on 3 different accounts and not working on any of them. Restarted, same thing. Nice banner tho

Wonder why it’s working for some and not others… #were not worthy

Just now started working for me.

It’s an hour later and still nothing