Anniversary Tokens


What about support. Still waiting for anniversary tokens and compensation of 30 tokens. Wrote tu support 5 times and not even an answer. I can’t really untherstand how that it’s possible.


You thought writing to support 5 times is the solution? You think they ignore you the first 4 times but at the 5th time they go “Oh, guess he actually wants a reply, better answer him now”?


Yeah man, support is pretty garbage. Even JB has admitted this.
Edit: He said he wanted to make support great. Which implies that it isn’t great right now. Which is true, It’s terrible


Can’t imagine why when people apparantly waste their time by writing to them several times about the same issue…


I stopped I don’t need dumb answer followed by keep surviving


I messaged Support about 6 times over the last 3 days as I know messages can be dropped to the bottom, about this same issue. And I got mine about 7 hours ago. They applied them straight to the wheel instead of my inbox. So sometimes, you do need to keep messaging them. It worked for me and a few others.


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