Anniversary tokens why did only some get double tokens


Why did older regions get 2 rewards of anniversary tokens but newer regions didnt


Would have 3rd pull if they dint go to my old region smh


Not for all.

I am in Gordon and i received only 1 reward of 45 tokens.


I left dade and they sent my rewards there to my lvl 2 account inatead of my main account in Crenshaw @JB.Scopely


I got 2 accounts in 1 region, main got 45, my alt got 90! 30 30 and another 30, the one account I wouldnt mind pulling zeke or any 6* I pulled romanov argh


Wth! Would get me another pull!!


thats the same topic with the #doubletokengate. strange thing is, it hits only people with 30 Tokens, all the players from top 1000 who worked hard to get more than 30 Tokens should be pissed off.

WIFE!!! I need my pitchfork and my torch, could be late today, i have to do some shit.


@JB.Scopely Give our other accounts double at least (even though I got 3x 30 on my alt slacker account) 45 on my main for wasting so much time and effort in this event, it is just poop


I got 1x30 only so it’s not uniform.

And I got Magna :smile:


Lets build an angry mob!! We want retribution. We want fairness.


I have two teams in one region, my main account received 30 tokens and I already had 90. My second account received 60 and it only had 40. Seems like they were trying to get everyone a pull without giving fewer than 30 as a reward.



Do many of you NOT have your tokens yet?..


I’m in an old region, Stephen’s, some for 2 x 30 tokens, others 1 x 45 tokens. I do think age of region has anything to do with it.

@JB.Scopely would be nice to get some clarification on this. TIA :smiley:


I got 2×30 in my 3 regions


Are there players who had to get 30 Tokens and really got 30 Tokens??
Next cake-event I do my best to stay behind the Top1000 to recieve 2x30 Tokens. Should be the better way.

sharping the pitchfork


I do not. Scopley must have sent them to my old region, which is impossible to get back to. So, waiting for Support to sort it out.


Its odd, my faction all transfered region over 2 days (Tues/Wed), but half my faction have received, but half have not, me included.

It needs sorting, not been 72hrs yet though so they wont do anything


bump me up yeet


I have a solution give everyone another 60 tokens.
Who am I kidding people will still complain